topiaryDon’t forget: topiaries are usually much older than most plants so their root system is very established, requiring more water than most plants. Especially in the winter, give them the sunniest spot possible in your home. Make sure the danger of frost has past if you wish to put your topiary outdoors for the summer. Full sun is not recommended, because of the possibility of scorching the leaves.

Rosemary topiaries, a favorite variety, can serve a dual purpose because of their distinctive fragrance and the soft, grey leaves for added texture. Since rosemary grows relatively slow, minimal trimming is required. Another much loved topiary is Greek myrtle. It is the complete opposite of rosemary, with very glossy, green leaves and bark-textured stems, adding a natural feel. Greek myrtle topiaries resemble a miniature tree if trimmed in a tree’s shape. Come in to see our huge selection of rosemary, Greek myrtle and other topiaries found throughout the greenhouse.

Photographs from employee Sharon Dickson available at Bogie Lake Greenhouse.

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